Commitment Solidarity

Voluntary work by members of the PVSYST Foundation, skills sponsorship and strong, effective involvement from the outset, in partnership with locally-established companies or organizations, of the beneficiary populations in the implementation of actions, including financial or in-kind participation, particularly for the construction of infrastructure.

Accountability Transparency

Initiatives with strong potential for multiplication through pilot actions that can be replicated, the incubation of technical and organizational solutions that can be disseminated on a large scale, the development of training courses or capacity-building programs that can be taken up and delivered by local institutions, the systematic documentation of actions initiated and the publication of the main lessons learned, conditions for success and explanations for failures.

Durability Resilience

Technical, organizational, social and economic analysis and improvement, for solutions tailored to developing countries, the use of local materials and sustainable construction techniques for building infrastructures, measurable actions capable of offering services or triggering sustainable dynamics.

Replicability Reproducibility

Identification of and response to expressed needs, joint project management with partners and the beneficiary population, compliance with legislation and collaboration with local administrations and authorities, and participatory analysis of the impact of the actions initiated.

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