PROMEE – Kyrgyzstan

Training of local craftsmen household access to energy-saving solutions, Kyrgyzstan


  • CAMP Alatoo, an association based in Kyrgyzstan, specializing in education and training in the management of natural resources, with a particular focus on energy issues.
  • Ametis (Association of craftsmen specialized in energy efficiency) located in Issyk Kul oblast and the Zhyluuluk Bashaty public foundation located in At Bashy Rayon, Naryn oblast.

Context area of intervention

Energy poverty combined with high vulnerability to climate change will have a considerable impact on the livelihoods of rural communities. Energy insecurity in the region is characterized by insufficient and unequal access to various energy sources, with rural households relying on solid fuels (coal, biomass, wood) for heating and cooking. Access to and use of electricity are limited due to limited or non-existent equipment/infrastructure and insufficient resources to pay for its use. At the same time, energy losses are high due to energy-hungry buildings, infrastructure and appliances.

Training and supporting craftsmen in energy efficiency for rural areas is therefore an opportunity to raise the local population's standard of living thanks to affordable energy-saving products implemented locally.

Main objectives (2021 -2023)

  • Increase the capacity of local craftsmen to introduce effective and affordable domestic energy-saving solutions through training in the basics of service promotion and modern home insulation technologies in mountainous areas (20 craftsmen trained).
  • Improve access to affordable domestic energy-saving solutions for rural residents through simplified financial mechanisms
  • Evaluate household energy savings to demonstrate that implemented solutions can maximize energy efficiency and reduce heating costs in residential buildings.

Main expected results (2021 - 2023)

  • Craftsmen are able to assess the specific insulation requirements of homes, choose the most appropriate domestic energy-saving solutions, calculate the quantities of building materials, carry out insulation work correctly and promote their activity.
  • The working capital for the free-interest loan financing system for local households is operational and is being progressively renewed.
  • The reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in the housing sector in Kyrgyzstan is assessed and quantified, and communications are made to promote the most appropriate solutions.

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