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The Foundation's partners/project sponsors may be of different kinds:

National NGOs :

associations, foundations or other civil society structures registered, headquartered and operating in the country concerned

Private sector players : Entrepreneurs, SMEs, craft groups, producer cooperatives, etc. Projects can, for example, support the implementation of energy solutions in production processes, or support people's access to products and services..

Local and regional authorities: These players can present a project that includes an investment component. These public-interest projects, in partnership with civil society and the private sector, will demonstrate their contribution to economic development and/or the energy transition.

Third-party individuals or organizations, supporting organizations in middle-income/developing countries that implement solidarity or public-interest projects. These individuals or third-party organizations will present the type of support (financial, technical, etc.) provided to operational structures, and will propose a package enabling the PVSYST Foundation to increase or complement this support.

Note: All players who can act on issues of training, value enhancement/structuring of value chains at local/territorial level, job generation and/or access to services are concerned.


Projects submitted to the Foundation must have at least one of the following characteristics:

Provide access to services and innovative sustainable solutions
to services and innovative sustainable solutions (particularly energy).

Promoting socio-professional integration
through training, professionalization, post-training support and job placement.

Promote regional economic development:
structuring sectors/value chains; developing new markets; accessing new technological solutions, etc.

Supporting energy transition processes,
whatever the sources (solar, wind, hydro), the levers (access, energy efficiency and improvement) or the types of use (domestic, productive), the relevance of the actions and solutions, as well as their potential for sustainability, remain the primary criteria.

Note : Investment aid for households (micro-credit) is eligible.


Quality :
Via projects on a human scale, of social utility (relevance), in line with needs and in phase with the local socio-economic fabric.

Impact :
Through projects with measurable effects on target populations (training, employment). in line with local dynamics, particularly in terms of access and energy transition.

Through territorial development projects, including early consideration of exit strategies and factors favoring or constraining the continuity of the systems in place.

Partnership :
Through projects that mobilize local players, essential to the successful implementation and sustainability of projects.


In order to cope with the growing number of requests for partnership and support, we strongly recommend that applicants study the conditions for collaboration with the PVSYST Foundation in advance (see FAQ), and encourage paperless communication by e-mail to contact[@]