Commitment & solidarity

The foundation's commitment is voluntary. In close cooperation with local organizations and companies, we promote technical skills and the strong and effective participation of the beneficiaries in the implementation of our projects, both through contributions in kind or financial support, particularly for the provision of infrastructure.

Responsibility and transparency

Our initiatives should have a high potential for multiplication. Through replicable pilot projects, technical and organizational solutions will be developed that have the potential for further dissemination of these approaches. Training courses and approaches should be developed according to the situation and serve to expand local capacities.

Sustainability & resilience

Technical, organisational and socio-economic analyses should enable solutions that are tailored to the context of developing countries. That is why we primarily want to use local materials and sustainable construction techniques. The effectiveness of the approaches we have developed should be comprehensible and measurable and open up opportunities for local actors triggering a sustainable dynamic.

Transferability and reproducibility

The replicability of our actions by local partners is based on the clear identification of the specific needs of the beneficiaries, the participative management of our projects with local partners, the compliance with national legislation and the cooperation with local authorities and administrations. Finally, a joint analysis, together with the local partners, serves to check the effectiveness and the impact of the measures introduced.

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