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Intervention framework – Fondation PVSYST

How we work

There are two complementary intervention methods:

Technical assistance by directly providing and / or mobilizing external expertise on a particular theme or intervention request, e.g. how to organise a company or the setting up of training.

Investment and acquisition of equipment or infrastructure to support an operational partner in addition to technical assistance

The PVSYST Foundation promotes initiatives aiming at sustainable impacts. Subsequently we exclude  just at a financial support such as:

  • Interventions with no prospect of autonomy and sustainability,
  • The realization of infrastructure without a development plan, exit strategy, and low viability of economic activities.

The PVSYST Foundation may, on an exceptional basis, finance operating costs as long as the support promises to trigger economic independence and lasting impacts in future.

Funding of interventions

Source of funds

The initial funding was provided by founder André Mermoud and the company PVsyst. The foundation may mobilse additional funding, in donations or in kind, which may be requested from public and private sources.

Donor & operator

The PVSYST Foundation is not simply a donor but intends to be an operational implementation partner of the projects it supports.

Areas of intervention

The work of the PVSYST Foundation is focussed on projects in developing countries. There is no limitation in terms of the targeted thematic fields but the foundation aims at facilitating consistency, complementarity and continuity between realised projects. We believe in the mutual reinforcement of different interventions and a territorial logic: different intervention themes in the same territory and with the same beneficiary population as well as the pooling of know-how and exchange of experiences with like-minded implementation partners will positively lead to better and more sustainable impacts.


For the sake of continuous improvement of its activities and their impact on beneficiary populations, the PVSYST Foundation will, as far as possible, regularly and systematically assess the implementation projects and the achieved impacts. The PVSYST Foundation will ensure a detailed follow-up of the actions initiated, in particular analysing the technical solutions, with the aim to further improvement of these in the context of the developing countries.

Partners & beneficiaries


The foundation wishes to collaborate with local and / or international partners sharing converging interests. The PVSYST Foundation is hence open for co-operation and joint implementation of projects. The cooperation should be based on the interest of mutual complementarity and the realisation of an added value from the partnership. An important factor is the commitment of partners to engage reliably for lasting impacts beyond a short term perspective.


The Foundation promotes inclusive community-based approaches which ultimately benefit the entire population of the targeted communities. Interventions shall contribute to social peace and avoid the creation of special privileges and favours for certain parts of the population.

Download the foundation brochure