Training, application and testing center for photovoltaic applications in Senegal


  •  AccEd, an association based in Switzerland, specializing in education and training, oversees initial training, and coordinates the project with the PVSYST Foundation
  • “Une Lumière Dans La Rue”, based in Thiès, ensures the daily administration of the training center, coordinates the educational training programme and facilitates the networking with national institutions and authorities. An important contribution is also the facilitation of post-training follow-up and networking with local entrepreneurs

Context & intervention area

Out of the currently 14 million inhabitants in Senegal almost 50% live in urban areas. The illiteracy rate exceeds 40% and unemployment ranges between 15% and 35%, depending on the sources, particularly affecting young people who represent 81% of the total population. Rural areas are primarily affected. Here the access to basic services is very poor; 72% of rural people have no electricity supply, for example. The conjunction of these factors feeds the dynamics of exodus and migration.

Training and support for technicians and small businesspersons in solar photovoltaic for rural areas is therefore an opportunity to develop local economic activities and contribute to the improvement of living conditions.

Phases of project development

Continuous on-the-job improvement of training approaches and development of further education courses for photovoltaics specialists. The promotion of the institutional anchoring of training in existing educational institutions.

  • Training of technicians and small businesses in rural areas in deepening theory and practical know-how, in particular through on-site support in the implementation of concrete projects and  getting-across the necessary entrepreneurial know-how
  • After the training, support for the trainees in establishing them as local specialists, facilitating access to markets and customers by promoting networking between technicians, local entrepreneurs and local businesses

Planned duration

From June 2017 until June 2020 i.e. 36 months with three phases (indicative):

  • Start-up phase - June 2017 to June 2018
  • Training phase of the first promotion - June 2018 to June 2019
  • Support phase of the first promotion and training of the second - June 2019 to June 2022

Main results

  • A training, application and incubation center for renewable energy professions based in Thiès
  • Two complementary courses: initial training for young people in difficult circumstances and advanced training for new technicians or rural entrepreneurs
  • 30 students per year, trained in theory and practice (> 50% of training time), ready to apply their skills and develop independently their activities in rural areas
  • A post-training support system combining access to finance, markets and networking
  • Collaborations with energy professionals and important actors in technical and vocational training
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