The PVSYST Foundation is keen to work with different type of partners:

National NGOs : associations, foundations or other community based organisations whose registration, main office and activities are located in the country concerned.

Private sector stakeholders: companies, SMEs, production cooperatives, etc. For instance, the Projects might support the introduction of renewable energy solutions in production processes or  the  access to energy efficient products or services for individuals.

Local / regional authorities: They can submit a project with an investment component. The projects must be of general interest and carried out in partnership with civil society organisations or the private sector, especially if they contribute to economic development and/or energy transition.

Individuals or third-party organizations, supporting implementing partners in middle income/developing countries that implement solidarity or general interest projects.  The projects shall highlight the type of support provided to the implementing partners (financial, technical, etc.), and propose a set-up allowing the PVSYST Foundation to increase or complement this support.


Note: All stakeholders involved in vocational training, value chain development at local level, income generation activities or similar programming are invited to apply.


The submitted projects shall meet at least one of the following criteria:

Foster the under-served population's access to innovative, sustainable solutions and services (particularly on energy)

Promote the socio-professional insertion through initial education, vocational training, incubation or support towards employment.

Enhance a local economic development: Develop or strengthen value chains / production sectors; support the access to new markets; access to innovative technologies and solutions etc.

Support energy transition processes, whatever the type of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), the triggers (access, efficiency and energy improvement) or the types of use (domestic, productive), sustainability and relevance remain the key criteria.

Note: The support to household’s investment effort (micro-credit, revolving fund) are eligible


Quality: Through human-sized projects, bringing a social added-value (relevance), consistent with the needs and socio-economic environment.

Impact : Through the implementation of projects with tangible, measurable effects on target populations (vocational training, employment), adapted to the local dynamics, particularly in energy transition or access to energy processes.

Sustainability : Through local development projects that take into account the exit strategies and the factors enabling sustainability.

Partnership: Through the mobilization of key stakeholders to ensure proper implementation and sustainability.


To properly adress the files submitted to the Foundation, it is strongly advised to pay particular attention to the eligibility criteria (see the FAQ) and to prefer communication through the contact email adress (contact[@]